Aims and Scope of the GTF

Inspired by the UNESC’s proposition to unite different dance associations into one
council, the Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung (society for dance research) was formed
on 31st May, 1986.

The Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung is a place for inspiration, support and communication for all types of scholarly dance research. Whilst based within the German speaking countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, it seeks exchanges with international networks beyond these countries.


-development of annual topics specific to dance research

-development of dance research through the exchange of new knowledge at symposia and conferences

-development of dance research skills, inspiration and support for research students (e.g. through dance research workshops)

-development of communication between different areas of dance research such as artistic, educational and theoretical expertise (e.g. through workshops and committees)

-development of national and international networks of dance research through participation and lobbying in interest groups

-publication of a series of annual books on scholarly dance research (Jahrbücher)

-public representation of the social and political interests of the community of dance researchers within national and international bodies (such as the Deutsche Kulturrat and ITI).

Events organised by the Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung are open to the public and we welcome participation by non-members.

The upcoming events are listed under Calendar.