Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung
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7th Dance Pedagogy Research Days
Dance and Impact 

27/28 September 2024 in Leipzig


The Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung (gtf) and Leipzig University cordially invite you to a two-day event with exchange, innovation and scientific dialogue on 27/28 September 2024. Scientists, young researchers and interested parties are cordially invited to the Faculty of Sports Science in Leipzig to work on the topic of dance and impact. 

Answering questions about the effects of dance on physiological, psychological and educational and pedagogical levels is gaining increasing national and international resonance. The expression conveyed in dance is in constant interaction with the components of communication, space, time and body and, like dance itself, is subject to change, further development and fusion. Describing, explaining, predicting and influencing these levels is of interest to dancers, choreographers, teachers and spectators alike. 
Based on the Leipzig research focus of empirical perception research of complex movements, we are looking forward to contributions that deal in particular with interdisciplinary interfaces that link dance with areas such as the humanities, medicine, psychology, education and technology.

The TPFT provides a platform to present and discuss scientific exchange on findings, research methods and innovative approaches in the field of dance impact. We encourage you to take a multi-perspective view of impact research in dance and to present topics such as perception, pedagogical perspectives in dance and dance teaching and their development.

We look forward to innovation, exchange, impulses and entering into a scientific dialogue with you.


Registration for guests, contributors and participants in the poster competition is now open via this form.

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