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gtf-Symposium 2019



in Dance and Science

Sept 27-29, 2019 in collaboration with Department Performing Arts and Film, ZHdK University of the Arts Zurich, Switzerland


Sens(e)ation units sense, sensibility, perception, intellect in one word. Furthermore, it refers to the meaning of an exciting occurrence. From the practical work of using the body in dance, knowledge about sense and sensation is produced. Within the frame of artistic research in recent years this knowledge has become a focus of cognition in the academic field and a subject in art universities. 

Which modes of knowledge are concerned? Knowledge of experience, practical knowledge, bodily knowledge (leibliches Wissen), embodied knowledge, corporal knowledge, aesthetic knowledge? Which methods and procedures arise directly from the kind of knowledge production that happens via artistic practice in dance? And are those methods relevant as research practices – in dance studies and/or generally in interdisciplinary scholarship? How can the sensations of artistic dance be translated, transmitted and applied?

This symposium questions the relation between dance and science. Outgoing from artistic dance – which transformation can be recognized? What is the potential of aesthetic modes of knowledge for academic research? With the view on artistic methods and principles in dance the variety of methods shall be discussed, both in practice and research.

Dance artists and scholars are invited to share their knowledge in different formats in a 3-day-symposium.

Curators/Persons in charge of the program: Friederike Lampert (ZHdK), Margrit Bischof (gtf)