Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung
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The annual symposia are at the core of the Society's activities.

Interdisciplinary in nature, the symposia facilitate exchange as they bring together people from different areas of dance research (dance studies, dance practice, dance therapy, dance educationpedagogy) who present their latest research findings. The symposia offer different presentation formats and constantly develop new ones in which participants are invited to join the discussions.

Additional social events complete the symposias' programs and create space for encounters. Since the symposia are often conceptualized and organized in collaboration with other associations and institutions, they initiate and support the creation of productive local networks focusing on dance.


Call for Papers

(Virtual) Ecologies in the Field of Dance

Annual conference of the Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung (gtf) 2023 
October 27–29, 2023, Cologne 

Proposals until 15 April 2023

New technologies and digital formats in dance practice and performance not only change the way we produce, teach, appropriate and receive dance, but also make transparent how we are interdependent in our diverse practices and production processes. In the aftermath of the pandemic and the increasing shift in using digital technologies, questions arise about how we (want to) work together, in what constellations and through which technologies. 

Read the Call for Papers here | (German Version)