Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung
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  • "ZAPP!" My-Way-Ensemble

    Ch: Gabriele Gierz, Foto: Alexandra Heneka

  • Bildergalerie von Veranstaltungen des „Psychotherapeutischen Instituts für Tanztherapie“ in Hamburg.

    Fotograf Wolfgang Unger.

  • Anna Huber "tasten"

    Fotografin: Caroline Minjolle

  • "ZAPP!" My-Way-Ensemble

    Ch: Gabriele Gierz, Foto: Alexandra Heneka

  • Tanzforschung

    Fotograf: Andreas Greber

  • Rekonstruktion von Fremdes Bild (1938) Solo von Maja Lex

    getanzt von C. Ponzelar

Dance Research

Which role does dance play in the field of scholarly and artistic research? In which ways can the theoretical and methodological understanding of science and research be enriched by dance and dance-related explorations?

The Society for Dance Research connects and represents different research approaches. It advocates a broad notion of research and emphasizes the connections between dance theory and dance practice. By focusing on an annual research topic, the Society takes up relevant issues in recent discourses within the different areas of dance research.

During the symposia, ongoing research and its findings are shared with members of the Society and the wider public, in a discursive as well as performative way – thus creating dialogue and exchange. The contributions to the symposia are documented and made available in the annual publication.