Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung
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The Society for Dance Research advocates the plurality of research approaches in the field of dance and is open to all dance-related professions. All individuals and institutions who are interested in dance – in the broadest possible sense – or supportive of the aims of the Society for Dance Research can become a member.

Membership fees

Individual membership 70€ per year; for organizations, institutes, and societies up to 100 members 120 € per year; up to 200 members 180 € per year; over 200 members 240 € per year. A reduced fee of 40€ per year is available for students, unemployed individuals, and members over 65 years old (upon written request to the Society's office).

A membership with the Society for Dance Research offers opportunities for exchange and networking with those also interested in dance research, as well as possibilities for inspiration and support regarding current research projects.

As a member you also benefit from other advantages:

You receive the monthly newsletter with current information about conference, workshops, publications and important activities in dance research via e-mail as well as the yearbook featuring relevant contributions on the annual research topic. All members are welcome to attend the Society’s symposia and conferences at a reduced fee. You have direct access to the secure member's area on our website, containing internal informations.